T-fut | A non profit community from Talrop

A community which focuses on real issues in education, technology and business with the goal to revolutionize the society.


What is T-Fut?

T-Fut is a community which focuses to conduct events in fields of education, technology, and business. Only campus students can become the member of T-Fut. T-Fut will provide 100% free training and workshops for the members. Also, for active members, T-Fut will give them a better career by providing them with corporate training.

Campus team

Ignited and innovative minds are commonly found in youngsters. So, T-Fut is looking for campus students to take up the leadership for the activities of T-Fut. The students will be provided with every kind of support and training from T-Fut. The training includes technology, skill development and corporate training.

In association with Femme

Femme has been working in India focusing on start ups and women entrepreneurships through well planned and comprehensive programmes in business and education. Their overall goal is the empowerment of women and girls in the society leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.

a non-profit community


powered by talrop

A student community from Talrop, aiming for a real revolution.


make it happen
through sponsors

All expenses of the events will be 100% sponsored.


sponsors will get
real customers

A virtual platform for the sponsors to present their business ideas.

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    T-Fut reaches its hands over education to build up a better society.

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    Conducting awareness programs and thus giving a spark to the community.

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    Business programs for startups and entrepreneurship.

be a T-Futian

Do you think that T-Fut can change our society, then join us for the revolution. You will be trained by skilled professionals for the cause.


direct benefits

  • technology training
  • corporate training
  • skill developments
  • industrial visit
  • certificates

future benefits

  • be a part of revolution
  • get real experience
  • job opportunity
  • great career
  • well practical knowledge

apply now

T-Fut lollipops

Lollipops are the rewards which our members will earn through their active participation. Each member will get lollipops in different criteria. All the members can see their activity status and lollipops in their dashboard. We firmly believe that these lollipops will make our members more energetic. T-Fut lollipops are delicious though.

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